H & K The Poppet Company LLC
Location: 1050 N. Wood Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 1-5
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H & K The Poppet Company LLC

Stylish. Versatile. Comfortable. Practical luxury!
Chicago, Illinois, United States United States
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Company description

The Pocket Poppet ™

From its humble prototype made out of a shower curtain and safety pins, The Pocket Poppet has come a long way thanks to the vision, dedication, and energy of its creators, Helen Tyler and Karen Hill-Krolow. The women, who initially met in an antique store-slash-coffee shop, bonded over the need for a small, cozy wrap that could be toted around to restaurants or on airplanes (or really, anywhere with harsh air conditioning). After countless hours of dogged research to ensure this garment didn’t already exist, Helen and Karen met with a handful of local Chicago manufacturers as the Pocket Poppet’s utilitarian and stylish concept crystallized into a reality. From there they decided to officially join forces on behalf of all women shivering in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, and thus began their adventures together.  


Tyler, a British transplant with a busy professional schedule that regularly takes her throughout the Loop and Wicker Park neighborhoods, is regularly seen sporting her Poppets around town festooned with fun belts and bold jewelry.  As she reveals, “Karen and I were not fashion designers, but two ordinary women that saw a need for a garment that a girl-on-the-go could throw in her bag or keep at work, or in the glove box.”  Hill-Krolow commutes by car to Chicago from her home in Wisconsin, and always stashes her Poppet Pocket in the aforementioned glove box. A mother of two with a background in drawing and painting, she loves to wear her Poppets with simple turtlenecks and jeans for comfortable and sophisticated versatility. “Whether you’re off to meet the CEO or to the yoga studio, the Pocket Poppet will keep you covered, and looking good while doing it!” Hill-Krolow enthuses. Both women have embarked on the Pocket Poppet’s journey as their second careers, and are actively engaged all things Poppet.  


Tyler and Hill-Krolow are exceptionally proud of the fact that they develop patterns and manage production through the Chicago-based fashion consulting company V. Mora, and that the garment is made from fabrics purchased through Chicago Wholesale Fabric. (Yep, the Pocket Poppet has “Made in the USA” pride in every fiber of its sweater-y being.) The Pocket Poppet is currently carried in over twenty retailers throughout the Midwest and Helen and Karen AKA ‘The Poppet Pair’, can often be found at “Pretty Poppet” events at which they personally style every Poppet customer, ensuring that women everywhere adhere to the Poppet’s heartfelt anthem:

Pocket Poppet, Flip it Flop it , bear it share it , now you wear it ! Purse it, ride it, bridesmaid bride it, shop it, film it, fly it, dine it. Fold it, wrap it, pack it in, Pocket Poppet, pop it in!