Location: Foster City, California, United States
Founded in: 2015
Number of employees: 1-5
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Gyfts365, Inc. (dba GiftVolo)

Foster City, California, United States
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GiftVolo enables busy people like you and me to send thoughtful, curated, everyday services to loved ones in 3 clicks. You can gift wine tasting, art lessons, robotics classes, photo session, carpet cleaning, maid services, auto detailing, dry cleaning, catered meals etc. from the comfort of your home in 3 simple clicks. GiftVolo provides 100s of services to choose from. Currently, we are available in Bay Area, CA and Anaheim, CA. Gifting is hard. Gift sender has to make a trade off between being thoughtful vs convenience. When a sender chooses product gift they are selecting thoughtfulness over convenience. They spend time, energy, money to find, package and ship a product that 40% of the time is returned by the recipient. When a gift sender selects gift card, they are choosing convenience over thoughtfulness. However, there are bigger problems with gift cards - nearly $50 Billion worth of gift cards are sitting unused, nearly 40% are lost and there are no local service providers gift cards that are available conveniently. If I wish to send Fairytayle cleaner services to my mom, I have to either get in the car go to their local store and pick a gift voucher and send to mom or if I am lucky I maybe able to get it online from their site, however, I have to log into their site and create an account and give my credit card info. Not a very scalable, secure or convenient option.