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Company description

GYANT is a health assistant that leads patients from their symptoms to the likely condition and the next steps by asking questions and learning from the answers, like a doctor would do - but through AI. Our first product is a checker for the Zika virus that had close to 300k users since its launch end of August.


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Business model

We're building a shop of curated foods and OTC drugs matching the conditions we diagnose.After helping people find their likely condition, we can help them find products that will help them be comfortable while they recover, relieve their symptoms and prevent future conditions. An example would be our FLU BOX containing:
- green tea with lemon and vitamin c
- high vitamine, natural superfood powder
- a bathing product to help relax
- OTC drug like Tylenol to relieve symptoms

Competitive advantage

- A group of serial entrepreneurs with multiple exits
- Strong experience in influencer marketing, product development, ecommerce, machine learning
- Stefan and Pascal built an ecommerce company with 40m+ revenue in Europe that created brands in the "healthy living" category (before that led and sold Aeria Games for 50m)
- Hassan is Amazon's Director of AI, leading the LEX platform on AWS (NLP, Deep Learning)