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Company description

GuruTrack's mission is to connect the dots between entrepreneurial and corporate go-getters and the leaders they seek to further their careers, grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Delivered through a variety of digital media channels, the interviews, profiles and commentary found only through GuruTrack memberships is the difference between seeing the show and grabbing an all-access pass. Our Members will learn more; more quickly and effectively. 


RSM, through its web site, videos, audios, podcasts, eNews, monthly cd/dvd premium mailings, blog columns and news/social-media updates, will deliver a proprietary mix of expert opinion and insights to a dedicated audience, AND, in turn deliver to each of its "Gurus" an opportunity to speak directly with those people most likely to become buyers of products as well as event attendees. This highly targeted vessel will blend the opinion makers with those seeking in-depth and life-changing information and experiences. 

Business model

The web site will publish new written, video and audio interviews each month, and column/blog features each week, with daily updates, podcasts, and bi-weekly eNews bulletins to the member database. In addition, the GuruTrack membership model includes rolling out a monthly premium-content cd/dvd mailing in the third quarter of its initial year of publishing. Trial memberships, news and social-media sample distribution, organizational sales, and direct mail to targeted lists of business, specialty niche aficionados will be utilized to build membership subscriptions.

In addition, RSM will market affiliated products, systems and programs offered by it's business and specialty niche "gurus" via  membership cd/dvd mailings, direct marketing and through established guru database distribution channels. The direct marketing of RSM products will be implemented through its GuruTrack membership base.

Competitive advantage

Publishing is a high profit and high margin business. The key to success is successful marketing. RSM has a highly focused multi-dimensional sales and marketing plan to build its total membership base quickly. The same channels and methods have been utilized repeatedly in online marketing efforts to establish membership/following bases of 8,000-14,000 in as few as six months for sites developed by Advisory Board partners currently assisting the company. In addition, GuruTrack will add Master, Marquee, Section and eNews level sponsors to augment income.

Another unique feature of the Gurutrack model will be its growth as a virtual business organization. Through a proprietary mix of existing relationships and ongoing recruitment, RSM will utilize off-site programmers, editors, writers, web-marketing assistants and virtual assistants from the U.S., Philippines and India to execute key tasks and ongoing content development and marketing production, saving  the company several hundred thousand dollars each year.