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Based in Kentucky, Gun Media is a publisher of interactive entertainment comprised of industry veterans with unique and complementary backgrounds. The mission of Gun is to build fresh and exciting interactive experiences for a wide range of platforms and gamers. The team shares a vision that game development is not just the creation of a product, but the blending of art, design and technology to create an experience that engages and entertains players from all over the world. 

Our first game is Breach & Clear and just launched for iOS. Within 24 hours of launch B&C screamed up the charts to #2 most popular paid app in the App Store. More information can be found at

Business model

Gun's business model is to leverage their immense talent to make blockbuster games while acquiring and engaging customers across platforms. These games can range from free-to-play to downloadable games for the iPhone, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Each platform offers different revenue streams. Some short term, some long. The type of game will also affect the duration of returns. Gun currently launched Breach & Clear, their freshman effort, with immense success in the app store. The goal of Gun is to develop one game a year. Additionally, Gun may acquire “off-the-shelf” unpublished games in an opportunistic fashion.

Our first game, Breach & Clear is a runaway success within the iTunes App Store, rocketing up the charts to become the #1 Strategy game in 18 countries and holding the top ten paid ipad charts in iTunes.


Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage lies in our team. Our highly sought out team of rockstars deliver time and time again for established publishers. That's why EA and Activision turn to us. They need results. They want to boost their revenue to it's highest potential and that's why they trust Gun. We will turn our efforts inwards and generate exciting video games that consumers will love. And the returns will be fantastic.

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