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Founded in: 2015
Stage: Post-launch
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Getting  the  best  rates  for  Your  Loans  will  be easier  as  Banks  come  to  you  with  the  best offers

on Gullakh .com Reverse Auction Platform. For most of us, brand loyalty extends even to our banking needs. Whether you’ve been banking with the same bank since high school, or the tellers know your name, when it comes to providing you actual benefits in terms of better loan terms, the feeling isn’t mutual. Your Bank's tellers may like you and their Relationship Managers may be after you, but big decisions like loan terms and credit approvals rest on the hard numbers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work in your favour.

Interest rates are often based usually on the national average rather than your individual credit worthiness. It means that even strong applicants with excellent credit and employment history are offered rates based on the masses which includes a pool of customers who may not have been as responsible as you. 

Many people choose to use a loan comparison website to find their best loan offer. But all one gets are the static rates, which may not be the best you can get. And you end up sharing your contact info to be flooded by cold calls. Worse still, you don’t even know if you got yourself the Best Deal.

Fortunately, there’s now a better way.

Gullakh is the exciting new online loans marketplace. We don't just compare, we make the banks compete. A growing number of banks are signing up for a whole new level of competition. Gullakh delivers competitive tension and transparency that is unmatched in India.

Borrowers looking for the lowest interest rates for loans skip rack rates, unwanted calls and confusing comparisons. Post Once and get Done. Lenders drive you to the best quote by live bidding.

All you have to do is place a Request For Quote (RFQ) for your loan and sit back to watch the lenders bid with their best interest rates and loan terms for you. It takes approximately three minutes to input your loan requirement and profile details to make the most competitive banks in India battling to win your loan business.

Lenders have a digital dashboard on which they receive your masked profile including your occupation, your employer, your salary, your age, your pincode, and your Equifax credit score and your loan requirement. This is done so they can offer good consumers the best rates and terms on loans. We call it risk-based pricing for loans.


Lenders CANNOT see your name, full address, full date of birth, email or phone number. Your contact details are not provided to the lender until you have declared a winner (a lender whose offer you like best and want to go ahead with that choice).


Lender's names get listed with the lowest interest rate offer at the top of the digital dashboard for loan seekers. You can even check for some special features tailored specially for you based on your overall profile.


You can declare a winner at any time if you are happy with an offered rate. That deal gets sealed for you.


If you place a Request For Quote(RFQ) but then decide not to accept any loan offers, your details are never shared. You won’t hear from any pesky sales people…EVER.


If you decide not to accept an offer, you will only hear from us in a follow up email – so we can figure out if Gullakh didn’t meet your needs and if we were lacking at any point. 

The potential savings can run into thousands of rupees per year – straight back to your pocket. That's why we are Gullakh (piggy bank)!

We have launched our platform to cater to the applicants from Delhi-NCR and Mumbai at present. Very soon, we will expand to other cities in India.

We are a recognised start-up under the Government of India Start-Up Program (DIPP No- 3907).