GuidEd Fusion Inc

GuidEd Fusion Inc
Harvest Collaboration -- Feed Student Achievement
Reno, Nevada, United States United States
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Company description

Transforming education by offering a new way to interact with students, a new way to provide a sense of belonging, and a new way to build relationships in a way students understand. My passion is to create the medium that will motivate students in the 21st Century.

We will develop indices, algorithms and unique analytics, and we intend to file patents to protect our market position. By connecting existing databases, providing step-by-step guides, allowing a support team to communicate directly with each other and detecting needs with automated alerting, GuidEd will provide better opportunities to achieve for students and unify support team in a way that is positive, motivating, and increases caring communication.

Business model


-       School district-level subscription-based pricing

-       Volume dependent tiered discount model


Competitive advantage

Easy to use UI, clear and concise view of student content. When a team member interacts with the GuidEd program, they will always feel connected and understand their role from program to program and student to student. My team is my greatest asset. They have built world class applications for 5-10 yrs. These experiences established familiarity and trust that will prove to be invaluable.