Flexible home swapping within trusted networks of people
Brooklyn, New York, United States United States
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Company description

GuestVessel is a safe and secure community that provides a place for screened members to trade their free living space, for extra living space when and where they need it.

Traditional home exchange clubs, that do direct swaps, lack flexibility, which means that they only appeal to a small percentage of people.

GuestVessel's token system adds the flexibility needed to open the home swap market to a far broader audience.

And because of the token system, people can now use the service when guests visit them.  So if you have friends or family visiting you and no room to put them up, then you can put them up for free in other members' homes near yours.

It like a hybrid between home exchange and time share, but far cooler than that!

1% of Americans have tried a home swap...over 40% would "given the right opportunity" (Tripadvisor survey)

Business model

3 streams of revenue:

1.  Annual membership fees

2.  Highly targeted advertising - city guides/entertainment/airlines etc.

3.  Licensing to established groups/communities i.e. alumni associations

Competitive advantage
  • Nothing like this is market (only direct swaps or 2nd homes)
  • Fast Growing area as people look to save money on travel
  • 40% of US pop would do a home swap "if given the right opportunity."
  • Token system opens up market to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, that previously found home swaps too inflexible.
  • Only company to not only verify properties, but also conduct criminal background checks on all members