the next generation securities exchange for startup and emerging businesses
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Company description
gTrade global trading platform provides investors and venture capitalists a platform to trade equity in an open market for emerging and seed web 2.0 companies.

gTrade is a Web 2.0 company that promotes technology start-ups. It represents the next generation securities exchange: not just trading conventional equities, but enabling everyday investors to purchase shares in companies that have not yet listed publicly. As opposed to traditional venture capital, gTrade brings a start-up company to the collective attention of millions of Internet users, letting the people decide in a start-up's future by investing their own money.

The gTrade marketplace facilitates the connection of Businesses, Venture Capitalists and the average investors. Users trade equity on the online market just like traditional equity markets such as the Nasdaq, Dow Jones of FTSE. This allows you, the average investor to get in on the ground level of the next big web 2.0 startup like facebook, Google and the likes.
Business model

Competitive advantage
As it currently exists, a small handful of people decide whether a new startup should be granted funds or not. If they're wrong in their decision, the outcome will amount to either a bad investment and massive financial write off, or a missed opportunity. One solution to this problem is to bring a startup company to the collective attention of millions of Internet users, and let the people decide in a startup's future by investing their own money.

In light of the recent economic downturn the flaws of the current model are becoming more apparent gTrade will alleviate this problem by spreading the risk and reward in an open market with the best interest for all parties.