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The Awesomeness TV of Autos

GTChannel is the only automotive centric YouTube Multi-Channel Network



Who are we -  We are at full throttle building our community of active auto entusiasts and content creators. GTChannel provides a pin-stripped focus on the automotive  world, from Nissan to Ferrari - from car reviews to live stream race coverage. We are the new source for auto entertainment.


Problem & Solution - Outlets for automotive entertainment, such as magazines and cable channels, have aged along with their audience. Now, there is a new 18-34 male, Fast and Furious, X games demographic that is actively engaging with auto related content, but with no where to turn - we are solving this problem. These new auto nuts consume content in a new way - and our network is built to quench this thirst - with high octane fuel.


Our Competitors and Advantage - As a fellow MCN, we sit among several competitors, such as Machinima, Maker Studios, Fullscreen, and topic specific MCN's like ourselves - Tastemade, Stylehaul, and Awesomeness TV.  

What is the difference between GTChannel and others.

GTChannel is solely focused on the automotive area. A vast opportunity of several hundred thousand channels, and a large advertising vertical.  What distinquishes us from others is our focus.  No MCN competitors focus on automotive channesl specifically.

Auto partners on other MCN's share attention, time, and power of the network with fashion, video games, windsurfing, and food. Due to this lack of attention and understanding of the space, we have acquired several defectors from other MCN's.

We are addressing this problem with technology.  Our CMS partner platform will provide an enormous market advantage over more "offline" competitors. It includes features such as, ad network buy/place control, automated and artificial intelligent marketing of our partners channels and videos. It will allow us to distribute in an automated way to YouTube, but also through the digital supply chain.  And our dashboard will provide real time review of all monetization and usage of our partner's content.

We are not a network, we are a community. Our partner platfrom will provide forums, classifieds, footage swap and resale tools, and the hub for educating our partners on all facets of their businesses. It is this community and interactions that is the heart of our success, a function and mind set not offered by competitors.


The Pit Crew  -  The GTChannel team includes years of auto specific experience, along with decades of digital video production, digital distribution, and entertainment marketing experience. In addition, our founders have launched, raised, and exited several companies through our careers.

Included in our team is the former international editor of Road & Track, and advisors from major media companies, along with data analysts from  Our team is likely our greatest asset.


Traction -

MCN Launch - March 2013   2.5 months

Channel Acquisition = 1900% growth

Overall Views  = 60% growth
Monthly Views = 1100% growth - 12 Million

Subscribers = 34% growth 
Revenue = 34% growth

Secured Strategic Partnerships/Sponsorships 

* GoPro - Sponsorship

* Exclusive Live Streaming  - Formula D Racing Series 

* Discount Tire - Sponsorship

* Sony Entertainment - Sponsorship

* Falken Tire - Sponsorship

* Yokahama - Sponsorship

* Drive Energy Drink - Sponsorship

* Mitsubishi Motors America - Sponsorship

* KW Suspension - Sponsorship

* BF Goodrich - Sponsorship

* Enkei Wheels - Sponsorship

* Royalty Free Music Company

* NBC/Universal Studios - Sponsorship

GTChannel launched our multi-channel network in March and have seen significant growth across all our key metrics.


Auto Industry Online Ad Spend

2010 -  $2.8 B  

2013 -  $5.6 B

2016 -  $7.4 B

(Statistica -2013)


In 2013 -

48 cents of every auto ad dollar will be spent on digital media 


Our Total Addressable market extends beyond the auto industry to lifestyle consumer products that target the coveted 18-34 male demographic. 

Not evaluated is the non-ad supported video on demand, subscription, or content licensing available market.


Overdrive - 

Goal #1 -  Discovering new monetization and advertising opportunities. Both within the YouTube ecosphere and beyond.  

We have launched a super-syndication process that is yielding revenue on mobile, connected TV, Podcast, broadcast/Cable Television, and on a variety of online video outlets.

Goal #2 - Building an active community.

 We have prioritized the activation of our partners into all areas.  We believe this is the key to our business.  Providing the tools, understanding, and opportunities for our channel members to succeed.


We are Machinima for Autos - but this auto MCN is super charged with nitros oxide.

GTChannel Team




  Behind the Smoke - Season 3 
<Original GTChannel Production>



Awards and Mentions
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    GTChannel is a Telly Award winner for its original online productions
  • Business model

    Business Models 

    Ad support - CPM, CPA, Sponsorships, Brand Integration

    Digital Distribution  -   Sales, and Licensing



    Competitive advantage

    * GTChannel is currently the only automotive centric MCN.

    * OUR TEAM is comprised of experts in the automotive content and publishing space, along with digital video distribution,  video services, production, and marketing experts.

    * TECHNOLOGY is an important pillar for the company. The content management system we have architected will be industry leading. A system that will prepare our company for the future digital distribution and advertising opportunities

    * FOCUS  - Our focus on our partner's success is filling a large market hole. Our attention to each of our partners, and activating this army to produce better quality content, with more reach and discovery is laying the ground work for a new model media company.

    * RELATIONSHIPS  - GTChannel has fostered significant relationships and access within the automotive space.  Relationships that have been forged from years of experience in the space.  Our competitors are not automotive guys.

    * DIGITAL VIDEO - understand the digital video supply chain is the key to grow beyond Youtube.  Our experience in broadcast and cable, mobile, connected TV, and online video retailers comes from work as a service provider for every Hollywood studio, every network, and many cable outlets.

    * FULL PRODUCTION/POST PRODUCTION - We have a significant advantage through our capabilities and in-house resources for video post-production, production, digital video compression, and entertainment creative services


    Scott Schlichter
    Digital Video and media veteran looking for the convergence of technology and traditional media.