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Company description

Gruvi is a Facebook application powered by a video recommendation and event booking engine that helps marketing teams target and acquire more meaningful fans for their brand fan pages, as well as provide a clearer set of metrics about the campaign performance. Gruvi will start by doing the following for the film industry: 

  1. Directing the ‘right’ users to the film fan page at an early stage of the campaign
  2. Convert these users to ‘liking’ the film’s (Check out the GruviTab) Facebook fan page more efficiently and effectively than current advertising methods
  3. Providing important behavioral and stage of life analytics about the users that convert e.g. location relative to cinema, film tastes, share content with friends, etc.
  4. Providing clearer ROI metrics e.g. did users purchase tickets from the application

Gruvi’s mission is completely revolutionize the way that branded content e.g. films/games/TV programs, etc is marketed online: by reducing the user acquisition costs, delivering relevant fans and  providing reliable and valuable metrics on those conversions.


Business model

Gruvi works directly with the content owners and their media agencies using a standard agency model and charges for customer acquisition and tracking services on a film by film basis:

  1. Campaigns are booked for the complete or partial segment of the overall Facebook online spend e.g. for a CPA basis at 1.2 euros per user for three weeks at the beginning of the campaign cycle with a target of converting 10,000 users to ‘likes’ on the movie fan page. 
  2. The analytics service costs approximately 1000 euros per film.


Competitive advantage
  • Company incorporated in August 2010 as a UK limited company, currently headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The team successfully completed the Startup Boot Camp 2010 (affiliated with Techstars US) incubator program. 
  • Gruvi launched with the Danish film studios on the 22nd of November by presenting at the industry launch day hosted by the Danish Film Institute and is currently meeting with Sony, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Nordisk film as well as several large independent film companies this week after the launch day presentation. 
  • Client traction: SF and Fox film have agreed to a trial in Denmark for the films ‘The next three days’ and ‘Fair game’.
  • UK Launch is planned for Q1 2011 - we are meeting with each of the major studios head of online marketing for Europe at the beginning of December to detail our roll out plan.
  • Rest of Europe is planned for Q4 2012 - 2013