Grr-ithm, Inc.

Grr-ithm, Inc.
Providing you with a Reflexion on how stress affects your health
Orinda, California, United States United States
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Company description

Mira is a conversational Avatar that when paired with Stress Reducing Applications (over 125M members) will help you keep your body and mind in a Homeostatic State.

A Homeostatic State is a state of lowest stress on the body. This is the healthy state of being we all strive for.

Mira will support this goal by providing you with a Reflection of how your Mental and Emotional stresses affect your Health, beginning with the digestive system.

Mira’s Health Metrics quantify: 

Stress Events: Type, Occurrence, Intensity, Duration 

Disruptions to Digestive System Health 

Your success using stress reducing applications  

Energy LevelsStress causes a rapid depletion of energy and energy reserves.

Mira’s Energy Meter could pair with a Productivity-Goals App.

To Recap: 

Mira (generation1) will be Free of charge for members of Stress Reducing Applications that already have over 125M members.

Mira will support the continued engagement of these Applications by providing daily Valuable Health Metrics

Mira could help expand their market and global reach by enticing a greater number of corporate employee incentivized wellness programs to include Mira Stress Reducing Applications 

Mira could help them better penetrate the traditional medical marketplace through her health metrics

We will be adding more skills sets to Mira on a monthly/bi-monthly bases (subscription based). These will include cardiovascular, respiratory, reproductive, musculoskeletal, immune…These skill sets should draw a greater interest and exposure for both Mira and these Applications


Business model

Grr-ithm's Mira could support over 125M members of stress reducing applications such as Calm, Headspace, Insight Timer, YogaGlo, 10% Happier, The Mindfulness App, Buddhify…

Can you Imagine being able to further engage all 125M Members by showing them active measures of their health benefits each day? Mira will provide this Free of charge to these companies.

The first generation of Mira will always be Free of charge
Our goal is the numbers game: Promote to get as many customers as possible excited about Free Mira generation one.

Mira Generation 2: Offer additional Mira skills as Monthly Subscriptions with a standard goal of at least 5% conversion-retention rate. When stressaffects the digestive system, this disruption leads to cascade effects of disruptions to other systems in the body.

Additional revenue will come from anonymized medical simulations with the Medical R&D Industry.

Grr-ithm will share the medical R&D revenue with each Digital Twin human counterpart within a Wellness Savings Account
Competitive advantage

Stress reducing applications provide difficult to measure solutions 

Mira’s Health Metrics will quantify:

Stress Events: Type, Occurrence, Intensity, Duration
Disruption of Digestive System Health
Your success using stress reducing applications  
Energy Levels: Stress causes a rapid depletion of energy and energy reserves.

Mira’s Energy Meter could pair with a Productivity-Goals App.

Mira will also bridge the gap between integrative and traditional medicine, thus provide a pathway to better adoption rates.