Grr-ithm, Inc.

Grr-ithm, Inc.
Artificial Intelligence with a “Working Memory” of Whole Systems
Van Nuys, California, United States United States
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Grr-ithm’s proprietary Neuro-Structure is teaching an A.I. how to generate a “Working Memory” Of Whole Systems, such as the human body. The Neuro-Structure will guide the A.I. to Unify, Amplify, and compile the foundational knowledge to mimic the actual system in the form of I.O.M.’s or Interactive Operational Manuals. Our A.I. driven I.O.M.’s will serve as the “Functional Knowledge Domains” that will be essential in building applications in Human-Health, Microbiome and Soil Microbiome (Agri-tech), as the three are interdependent. The A.I. will be able to mimic any disruption that could effect any aspect within the system. The disruptions will demonstrate the where, when and how of diseases, disorders and dysfunctions. All will be mapped as Cascade Effects! Each person could be assigned their own I.O.M. where as the A.I. would mimic all health events in chronological order, which would provide the optimum analysis of the person’s current state of health. This includes all diagnostics findings, genetic propensities, health tracking data, and life style and environmental variables.

Theoretically, the Neuro-Structure could be Applied to any System, unit, or field.

All I.O.M.’s will be available as a SaaS on industry specific platforms, so everyone in R&D can interact with them. The medical model will be free for everyone in general healthcare. The system will be encrypted using the Blockchain Technology.