Vator Splash LA 2015

Groopie, Inc.

Vator Splash LA 2015
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Groopie, Inc.
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Redwood Shores, California, United States United States
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Company description

 *** Groopie is YouTube if YouTube was born today *** 

        < Available in App Store & Google Play >

Web celebrities already collobarate together and do cross-promos by meeting up in person and shooting Vine or YouTube videos together. This is time consuming and has been a problem in the industry. They need a solution that empoweres them to colloborate and record together from any location. 

Groopie is that solution. It mobilizes and connects friends to collaborate from anywhere. We are a mobile first social video network that allows multiple contributors to create and share content on a 'collab-channel' which we call a show page. Users can record two camera views with friends in real-time from any location, edit and publish videos on the go, and follow groups of friends rather than just individuals. Now anyone can document thier journeys with their friends in the form of video episodes and shows and the best part is you don't even have to be next to your friend.

The Groopie team consists of top notch hackers and system architects, led by Sami and Jayel. We know how to build scalable technology and this isn't our first time doing it. Our technology speaks for itself, go download Groopie... Fuad leads the vision and roadmap of the product & design. He is also pushing the trend in Hollywood and doing influencer content development. He's friends with a lot of the biggest Vine and YouTube celebrities. Elias manages wireframing and design implementations. Joe assists in all business matters while overseasing technology infrustructer and helping manage product development priorities. Ahmad handles QA testing. Robin assists in fund raising and content development. We all have multiple rolls and we do a great job complimenting each other. Our team is lean and very mean. 

As of the last seed round we have raised a total of $950k. This includes China angel investors Tao Feng, CEO of New Margin Ventures who has over 100 IPOs under him, Wang Leilei, CEO of KongZhong (KZ on Nasdaq), and Leo Wang and Chuck Ng from PreAngels Partners. 





Awards and Mentions
  • 17754_3158
    Winning this competition allowed Groopie to enter into an event where we pitch to investors. We were able to raise a large seed round
  • Business model

    Acquire millions of active users by curating original content from social media influencers and marketing to specific trendsetting communities (ex: Viners, YouTubers).

    Keep ad-free as long as possible through capital investments.

    After we reach critical mass (over 10M monthly views), we can introduce native video ads and sponsorships, resulting in postitive cash flow.

    Competitive advantage

    The culture of storytelling has always been at the core of social media, where users commonly share their daily experiences and follow their friends on a daily basis.

    While Vine, Instagram and SnapChat give users tools to share short snippets through video, Groopie offers a mobile first social network that features long form video, TV style editing tools, and collaborative show pages. Followers can subscribe to shows with muliple creators, rather than individuals. This uniqe social structure boosts cross-promotion between social media influencers and increases exposure.

    Fuad (founder) is friends with many celebrities including some of the biggest Vine and YouTube influencers in Hollywood. People support people they are friends with. This gives us an advantage since Fuad is leading the Groopie trend in Hollywood through his network of influencer friends.