Location: 95 Chestnut St, Providence, Rhode Island, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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We Bring The People!
Providence, Rhode Island, United States United States

Greentape is a mobile marketplace powered by proximity. Our mobile sensors deliver targeted offers at the right time, increasing loyalty and boosting sales per visits. Greentape is also socially viral, users can their rewards by shopping with friends or by sharing on social networks. Greentape works automatically, no GPS or checkins required.

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Company description

Imagine you are walking down the sidewalk, just past your favorite Local Cafe when suddenly your phone buzzes in your pocket, “Vvvvv! Vvvvv!”. It’s the Greentape App notifying you that you can, “Buy a coffee right now at Half Price”. Great, because your biggest problem with Local Cafe is that it can be pricy. This is an offer too good to pass up, so you Tap “Purchase”, and head back towards Local Cafe. As you walk in Local Cafe announces, “Vator, your coffee is ready!” but your sweet tooth is on red alert. With the Greentape App still up you Tap “+” and “Blueberry Muffin”. Within seconds a plate comes out with a Blueberry Muffin. Now it is time to get some work done. You sit down and pull out your laptop, 4hrs later... Shoot it’s already 1:45pm - you are starving! Your phone buzzes again - an offer from Local Cafe... “Select any sandwich below and get a soup free!” Perfect! Tap “Veggie”, Tap “Lentil”, Tap “Purchase” and head to the counter.

Greentape is the most fun way for cafes, restaurants and grocery stores that serve local and organic food to increase customer visits, revenue on each visit and build a stronger relationship noninvasively via technology. Say you had rejected one of the offers, we’ll remember that and start to build a preference profile for “Vator” so that you never feel bothered. The combination of user preferences, events, actions, and purchase history will give us the most comprehensive stack of business intelligence data in the industry.

In order to accomplish this we built customer sensors the size of a night light that can to find an iPhone in a haystack. Our sensors have on average a radius of 100ft, but in open space they can transmit over 1000ft. Best of all app users do not have to connect to anything, as long as they have Greentape everything works automatically.

Much of the mobile industry is focused on “real-time”, at Greentape we are taking that step further to - “right time” and pairing it with an industry we believe in - sustainable food production.

Current status/funding:
We are part of the Betaspring Accelerator (Tech Stars Network) Fall 2012 Class in Providence, RI. Betaspring has invested $20,000 and we are expecting another $50,000 from another investor that is part of their network.

Our App went live in the App Store on 9/28 and our organic growth is around 100-200 downloads per day. We have 20 customers signed up to use Greentape in their stores in Providence which is how we distribute. Our software is 80% built, we need funding to build a sales team, add technical talent, complete the remaining 20% of our software (payments) and scale with larger chains and partnerships. Today, a Greentape sensor costs $30 to build, but with larger purchase orders they could be as low as $12.

Future Vision (not mission):
To be the food industry’s number source of innovation, business intelligence data, analytics and trends.

Example Events:
A person walking by a store.
A person driving by a store.
A person parking outside a store.
A person walking into a store.
A person walking out of a store.
A person standing in the checkout line.
A person standing in an aisle.
A person sitting down at a restaurant.
A person walking into any store nearby.
A person sitting at home at breakfast, lunch or dinner time.
A person in a cafe working on a laptop, or reading a book.
A person shopping with friends.
(and many more)

Whether you decide to select us or not, thank you for taking the time to read about Greentape, we think what you are doing in supporting is awesome and that you have chosen the “right-time” to do so. The time is now.


Team Greentape
Chris & Owen

Business model

We distribute via in-store signage and social features.

We make money each time we drive a single person into a store, we take a percentage of loyatly points spent, and we charge 2 cents per push notification.

Competitive advantage

Our sensors and user experience give an substantial competitive advantage over Yelp, Groupon, Level Up, Square and others.

We do not require expensive hardware and we do not need to replace the stores current payment processor to be up and running. In fact we have come across many merchants that already use one or more of those existing platforms but they are choosing to use us instead or in addition to. No other platform allows them to automatically send messages to consumers as they walk by their store, nor do they provide detailed business intelligence so that they can improve.

We also have some of the best mobile design skills on our team, which cannot be overlooked.