Location: 500 5th Ave W Unit 701, Seattle, Washington, United States United States
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
CleanTech Open 2011, Semi Finalist
Kauffman Foundation: Top 50 Global Startups
CES 2011. Eco & Sustainable Engineering Award


Seattle, Washington, United States United States

GreenSimian was founded in 2010 by a gifted Texas Instruments engineer and a relentless Microsoft marketer. Our exceptional track records are marked by a dedication to excellence, and by thinking outside the boxes and pushing the boundaries of our respective fields. We value innovation, technical excellence, and environmental sustainability.

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Company description

GreenSimian® is an award winning Seattle based start-up looking to change the way we think about mobile power. We are hard at work building a portable solar platform that is able to convert light energy into electrical charge in speeds, efficiency and quality that is unsurpassed. Using the most efficient photovoltaic cells, cutting edge microelectronics and smart software, we believe that we can minimize the use of disposable batteries and significantly reduce the reliance on grid-powered charging. 

We are focused on bringing to market an OEM-ready technology under our
SolCurve™ brand and our very own charging devices under our SolMate® brand.

We're excited to have you here and look forward to power you up with our
current and future designs!

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