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Elevator Pitch: GreenPal is lawn care made easy. Now a busy homeowner can order lawn mowing from their smartphone and never leave another voicemail or check under the mat again.

Product/Service Description

GreenPal is lawn mowing made easy. Currently, if a homeowner wants to get their lawn mowed, they would need to ask around for referrals and even search through Google or Craigslist. They would then have to call several vendors and leave a bunch of voicemails for estimates, maybe get a quote or two, and then hope the lawn guy shows up on the day they are supposed to. After that, they have to leave a check or cash under the mat, or even mail a check to the vendor.

GreenPal is the only way for a homeowner to find, schedule and pay for lawn mowing online. Our customers describe it as ‘Uber for lawn mowing.’ A homeowner simply enters their details, and they get five quotes from vetted and rated lawn pros near them. Then they can schedule and pay all in the app, and if they want, set it and forget it for the rest of the growing season.


GreenPal is currently available in Tennessee and Florida.