GrandCentral Communications, Inc.

Fremont, California, United States United States
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Company description
GrandCentral Communications is a next- generation personal communications company. We provide consumers with One Number…for Life™ by integrating all existing phones, numbers, and voicemail boxes into one. We give subscribers unprecedented control over how incoming calls are managed through a simple web-based interface.
Business model
GrandCentral will offer premium features on a subscription or a prepaid basis, depending on the feature or group of features. There will always be a free version of GrandCentral that will include unlimited inbound minutes, unlimited voicemail (up to 30 days old), and access to all of our core features.
Competitive advantage
GrandCentral offers one of the most robust feature sets in the space, and is rapidly adding more functionality, increasing the gap between the company and its competitors. The management team has extensive experience in VoIP and in delivering exceptional value to users.