Re-imagined Bike Sharing
Champaign, Illinois, United States United States
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Company description
Grab-a-Bike Illinois aims to bring a bicycle-sharing program to the Champaign-Urbana campus and community. Grab-a-Bike distinguishes itself from any other program by being the first solar powered and cost efficient bike sharing system. Totally wireless, a terminal station can be installed anywhere - then unmounted and stored during hard winter months. Each component of the check-in station is selected to be extremely power-efficient, guaranteeing 24/7 operation with a single solar panel. Our goal for the current semester is to build a working prototype and establish an organization in which students can participate in even after the course is over. With Grab-a-Bike we hope to establish a successful campus and community- based bicycle sharing system.
The program aims to serve both the university campus and the greater Champaign Urbana community. Students who live both on and off campus will be able to use the system to get to and from classes and to do other daily activities. Ideally, there will be stations set up in both downtown Champaign and Urbana so that both students and members of the community will be able to use our system. On a broader scale and further into the future we are hoping this system can set a precedent for other universities and communities throughout the country and inspire them to create a similar program.