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  • Best price for shot blasting wheel with real payback:
    Besides the competitive price ir sm@rt wheel offers real cost savings and thus fast payback.
  • High blasting performance: Better blasting results, shorter time of shot blasting process, higher impact energy - up to 70%, energy savings – up to 25%, adaptable blast pattern, automatic blast pattern control, automatic regulation of abrasive flow with sm@rt valve, decreased wear-out, vibrations and noise level of the blasting wheel.
  • Premium quality: Extremely long service life, high blasting reliability, blasting wheels spare parts of best quality made with the lowest tolerances, 3 material options of blasting wheel equipment: high quality cast (Basic), tool steel (Standard) or tungsten carbide - widia (Superior). Tool steel wearing parts ensure from 2 to 3 times longer service period. Tungsten carbide wearing parts ensure up to 16 times longer service period.
  • The widest variety of options: More than 150 combinations of materials and different types of spare parts ensure you to put together the shot blasting wheel that will best suit technical requirements and price.

Shot blasting

Product website: irsmartwheel.eu
Main company website : gostol-tst.eu