Goozex, Inc.
Location: Goozex, Inc. 6212 Westchester Park Dr. Suite C College Park, MD 20740, College Park, Maryland, United States United States
Founded in: 2006
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 1-5
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Goozex, Inc.

Your Game Trading Community
College Park, Maryland, United States United States
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Company description is the leading online video game trading website today.  It connects gamers across the US and Canada to trade games for Goozex points, which they can use to get other games for only $1.  Today there are over 7,500 unique video game titles available for trading, making it one of the largest library games anywhere.  All inventory is user generated and Goozex connects members to trade directly with each other.

The company has been generating revenue since 2006 and is recognized by industry press and peers as the best game trading website.   In 2007, over 14.2 million Goozex points were exchanged and represents a vibrant community of existing gamers.  Our demographics hits the sweet spot with 18-34 year old males, with disposable income, and the propensity to spend heavily on entertainment.

Business model
Goozex is a leading platform for video game trading based on a point system: users trade games for points, and then use points to request other games from other members:

Members trade games using Goozex points as currency:
•The “Seller” mails the game to the “Buyer” and gets paid in points
•Members use the points to request games from other members

Trading on Goozex in 3 steps:
1)Mail your games to other members, and earn points
2)Use the points to request other games from other members
3)Pay only $1 trade fee for each game you receive

Our focus is video game trading, and we have built a community of gamers around our core service. As our community grows, Goozex is introducing additional services to further engage our members. The community gives us the possibility to introduce paid advertising services, and use our internal data for targeted advertising. A unique proposition that only Goozex can offer.
Competitive advantage
Goozex offers the following advantages/features:
•Goozex points give Fair Market Value to the games.  It is comparable to the current used market price for video games.  Goozex benchmarks against eBay,, Amazon marketplace and Gamestop.
•The buyer of any given trade pays in Goozex points and one trade credit (i.e. $1.00).
•Currently there are over 7,500 unique titles  available for trading on Goozex.  This makes it one of the largest game libraries in the world – much larger than any given retail store.
•Goozex continues to expand its suite of community features: a vibrant forum, widgets and RSS feeds, personal profile pages, private messaging tools, forum signatures, and a Facebook application.
•Goozex guarantees every trade and uses a feedback system similar to eBay’s. Furthermore, Goozex has built in security features that minimize malicious sellers’ and buyers’ actions on other users.