Location: 1 Union Street; Suite 210, San Francisco, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2012
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
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Awards and mentions
Benny Joseph and GoodApril were accepted into the Winter 2012 session of the SoFi Entrepreneur Program. As a result, our team receives ongoing mentorship and support from SoFi, a recognized leader in consumer finance.

Mitch and Benny are terrific Product leaders and entrepreneurs; I also think they're addressing a real pain point with GoodApril.

Super excited about the work GoodApril is doing to help us be proactive, not just reactive, about or taxes.

From Bo Lu

Benny has the attitude and drive to successfully build a company with lasting value. The guys at GoodApril are solving a real and difficult problem in an area that is long overdue for disruption, tax optimization. If anyone can solve the problem, it will be this team. It is one product I'm truly excited to see in the marketplace!



" for personal income taxes"
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

GoodApril is like " for personal income taxes." We help people make good financial decisions today, so that they're prepared for, and paying the least amount of taxes possible come April.

GoodApril gives everyday Americans access to the kind of tax planning expertise that the wealthy get from their CPAs and wealth planners.

Specifically, we're working on tools to help you in three ways:

  1. Ensure you are never surprised by your tax bill in April, by providing real-time forecasts
  2. Help you make better financial decisions, like how much to contribute to retirement or the true cost of buying a home, in the context of their tax impact
  3. Ensure you're paying only your fair share of taxes, by identifying potential actions that you can take to reduce your tax bill

  • Mitch Fox
    Mitch Fox | Founder
    Experienced financial technology Product Manager and Marketer. Former Director of Product @ Endurance Lending Network, former Director of Marketing @ Zecco, former Consultant @ Bain & Company
  • Benny Joseph
    Benny Joseph | Team member
    Experienced Product Manager that understands the engineering, design, marketing, and operational aspects of building a complete consumer web experience. Passion for analyzing usage data and customer behavior and using those insights to build produ...
Business model

GoodApril uses a freemium business model. We give customers free access to our tax forecasting and planning services and earn revenue through lead generation to tax filing solutions and other financial products, focusing initially on offers directly related to our online advice (e.g. IRAs, charities looking for donations, etc).

Competitive advantage

Compared to existing tax software products, we focus on in-year tax advice, versus purely after-the-fact tax filing. By analyzing data in-year, we are able to identify many more opportunities for tax savings than current software products (which can basically only suggest a contribution to an IRA).  Next, we plan to incorporate ongoing financial data aggregation (similar to to proactively identify tax-related transactions and encourage repeat engagement with our tax forecasts.