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Good.Co is fixing hiring with smart, user-driven culture analytics. 

Roughly 50% of new hires won't last more than 18 months due to a bad culture fit, costing companies on average $50,000 and 6 months of time. Good.Co is fixing hiring and retention using a scientific, people-first approach to personal strengths identification as a way to quantify workplace culture fit.

Employing research-driven psychometrics with provocative design mapped to the social graph, Good.Co aims to help employees thrive in their careers and help employers develop better workplaces. Good.Co's user base is doubling month over month with ~34k signups in the last 3 months while still in gated private beta.

The rapid collection of data-assets are immensely valuable to the growing multi-billion dollar markets of employer branding, culture analytics, big-data in HR, and social recruiting. In Oct 2013, Good.Co will launch the first version of the employer product with an initial pool of 15 enterprise to mid-sized companies.

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