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Online and Mobile Food Ordering Service
New York City, New York, United States United States
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GoMobo is turning the mobile phone into a food ordering remote control. Its groundbreaking mobile food ordering application is the only remote ordering service that has been certified and activated by all mobile carriers in the US. Users set up their account at and save their favorite meals as “GoCodes”. When they want to order a favorite meal while on the go, they simply text a GoCode to 466626 (‘GoMobo’ on a phone keypad). GoMobo instantly transmits the order to the restaurant, bills the customer’s stored credit card, and sends the customer a patent-pending order ready-time confirmation so he/she can Skip the Line™ by collecting his/her order at a GoMobo Express lane at the restaurant.


GoMobo began when founder Noah N. Glass realized he was spending more time waiting in line for lunch than enjoying it. The GoMobo solution tackles the problem of peak-ordering inefficiency by allowing customers to order and pay ahead, streamlining restaurant transactions. We provide a turnkey solution that allows quick service restaurants to provide better, faster service to on-the-go customers. Restaurants are able to fulfill higher volume orders while increasing efficiency with the help of pre-paid orders. More importantly we help customers Skip the Line™ and save time at their favorite restaurants. 


With over 233 million active mobile accounts, the US has officially gone mobile. Consumers have embraced text messaging as a means of communication, banking, and now food ordering. Mobo is the link between a widely used form of technology and a network of users ready to use it to save time in their daily lives. We are the first-to-market with text-message ordering and have seen the power of saving customers time during the morning and lunch rush. Whether it is more time for sleep, work, or shopping, our users understand the importance of saving time with GoMobo.

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