GoFlek Inc

Builders of the first probability machine
Montreal, Canada Canada
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Company description

GoFlek Inc. is a startup founded in Montreal, Canada that is specialized in machine learning tools for medium-size enterprises. Since 2017, we have been developing the Flek Machine: an integrated platform that makes it easy for citizen data scientists to do analytics, predictions and probabilistic programming.

The Flek Machine comprises of 3 components:
- Machine learning engine to learn probabilities from event data
- Deployment server to work locally or over the cloud
- Python Toolkit library for probabilistic programming

The product provides a unified machine learning pipeline to explore, analyze and make predictions given complex data. The product can be used by data scientists, programmers or data analysts alike to build probabilistic models and develop AI-powered applications that cannot be done with current ML tools.

Flek's approach to machine learning is unique and the whole product is packaged as a dedicated probablity machine that makes it easy to learn, store, query, mine and make predictions with probabilities.

Target Applications
The Flek Machine excels when enterprises want to infuse AI into their business cycle and gain deeper understanding of their semi-structured data that may resides in databases or data warehouses. Thus, it is geared to solve new kinds of problems in diverse fields, including: sales and marketing, insurance, manufacturing, biostatistics and IOT.

More specifically, Flek can be employed in use cases that require probabilistic insight and predictive decisions, such as:
- Understanding customer behavior and profile analysis
- Segmentation and recommendation
- Online campaigning and survey analysis
- Product sales & performance prediction
- Anomaly and Fault detection
- Simulation and WHAT-IF analysis
- Actuarial services and risk calculation
- Drug testing and disease treatment