Location: 201 South StreetSuite 614, Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
Founded in: 2008
Stage: Napkin (idea)
Number of employees: 6-15
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Create your own adventure
Boston, Massachusetts, United States United States
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Company description

Do you find planning your free time frustrating — hopping from site to site? Searching for the needle in the haystack of irrelevant and incomplete results?

Goby is a search engine dedicated to helping users spend less time searching for and more time doing the things they love to do with their free time. Simply tell Goby what, where and when, and we surface the best results the Web has to offer in a way that’s easy to understand and use. Whether you're looking for a fresh hiking trail to tackle, something fun to do with your kids, a romantic bed & breakfast or a live show to check out this weekend, you’ll find it on Goby! Plus with Goby you can easily sort, filter, map and save searches, so not only will you discover fun new things to do, you’ll also find yourself with a lot more time in which to do them. Create your next adventure with

Business model

Goby will generate revenue through a combination of site advertising, sponsored listings and affiliate sales, as well as distribution partner licensing fees. The Goby system provides users the ability to express their interests and needs in very specific ways – by topic, geography, and time (and in combination), thus enabling brands to connect with highly targeted audiences.


Goby will reach customers via its own consumer Web site, and through custom, co-branded versions of its site that it develops for select distribution partners.

Competitive advantage

People use many different tools when researching and planning what to do in their free time. A traveler visiting a new destination may visit  a DMO site, a user generated reviews site, an OTA and/or a variety of specialty sites for bed & breakfasts, tours or vacation homes. Someone looking for activities and events in their local market may use a traditional search engine, a local newspaper site, a restaurant site, an events site and/or a variety of other niche sites.


Goby is uniquely positioned as a search engine for exploring things to do with your free time. As a result, while we don’t view any one company (or segment) as our primary competition, we will compete with all of these companies at some level.  At the same time, Goby as a search engine will drive new traffic to these segment-specific sites.

Goby’s key differentiators from these types of sites include:

·       Most travel sites are focused on selling you a product – plane tickets, hotel rooms, packaged tours, etc.…Goby is different. We understand that people don’t take trips to take a ride on a plane. They go to experience all of the unique things their destination has to offer. Goby is focused on unearthing a rich set of information that consumers can use to plan “the fun stuff” while enjoying their vacation or general free time.

·       Goby is dual focused on both the travel and local market segments. Regardless of whether you’re searching for things to do while on vacation or creating your adventure close to home, Goby will help you discover new options and allow you to spend less time searching and more time enjoying your free time. 

·       Goby is a search engine that retrieves content from many different sites across the Web vs. a “wall gardened” site that creates and curates its own content. This enables Goby to return a much more comprehensive set of results across a broad spectrum of categories.

·       In addition to all of the things to do that cost money, Goby also features the vast array of activities and events that are free within each destination, for example hiking trails, historic sites, places to bike, etc. This is information that users will not find on many travel sites.

Goby supports exploratory search in a way that no traditional search engine can.  The current level of activity within the search sector makes it clear that even Google isn’t enough.  There is a need, particularly within travel/leisure category, to produce a better solution for consumers frustrated with sorting through pages and pages of irrelevant and often incomplete information or hopping from site to site to get what they need. Goby creates a rich information model, providing semantic organization and structure to unstructured data. We can search, sort, filter, map and contextualize heterogeneous Web data.