Go Go Mongo!

Go Go Mongo!
Inspiring Kids to Reach for Cauliflower and Beyond Through Games and Technology
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Our first iOS game, Go Go Mongo, designed for kids 2+ features a chubby little monster named Mongo.  Mongo loves to eat sugary foods, but when he eats too many cookies, cakes, and donuts, he gets sick.  Kids help him eat better by getting Mongo to eat more fruits and vegetables.  In doing this, kids learn to eat better.

Since its launch in March 2011, we have seen great download numbers, but most importantly, we got a 2 year old to ask her dad to make cauliflower for dinner after playing Go Go Mongo!

Childhood obesity is a big problem in the US, and we are fighting this by creating really fun games for kids all centered around food.  Also, we are educating the parents on how they can make healthy eating fun for their kids.

We have 5 more titles in the works all focused around food education for kids.  Additionally, we have Mongo plush toys available, and merchandising could be a huge opportunity because there is no central kids character focused on healthy eating.  Mongo is the face of the food revolution.

Awards and Mentions
  • 9634_218
    Startup Weekend is a 54 hour challenge to build the most interesting business concept. The focus is on actually building a minimal viable product and build a great business model.
  • Business model

    Sale of apps

    In-app purchases

    Merchandise - Plush toys, cups, spoons, plates, etc.

    Competitive advantage

    Unique gameplay designed around kids and tech platforms (i.e., we design specifically to the iPhone's strengths.  The iPad has different strengths and we build different titles for that medium).

    Very few competitors in the food space, and very little high quality educational content on iOS in general.