Location: 3660 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 728, Los Angeles, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2011
Stage: Alpha (prototype)
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 10/2013, Seed: undisclosed amount (post valuation: undisclosed amount).
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Real time advertising method & promotional search method w or w/o accessing the Internet
Los Angeles, California, United States United States

We created real time advertising method & search engine for global mobile shoppers.
Stores can advertise instantaneously.
Our consignment ad program enables cash flow effectively because they can pay us when products are sold.
Shoppers get cash when they buy promotional items at the stores.
Exact information is displayed unlike Google search.

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Company description

Executive Summary


Company Summary

University Merchant and Shoppers Connector, UMASC is a spin off of Global Multimedia Systems (A Member of IBM Partner World), that the company has been advertising local businesses at major grocery stores such as Ralphs, Food 4 Less, Gelson and others in the past seven years. GMS has very deep knowledge & experience how the local advertisers expect their results.

This search engine (SE) technology was derived from the previous business model to increase advertising result for online & offline stores w/ or w/o using the Internet & to correct the drawbacks of digital & online advertising.



Thinking forward that mobile communication is going to be our standard way to communicate voice and data in the future, we are going to create a real time infrastructure where mobile consumers can instantly search advertising and local information and businesses can instantly advertise sales information.

To do so, our software must be able to access content information instantly using mobile devices and I/O display device for feature phones. Content information would include food prices or foods related product prices, gasoline prices, and any other products or services information that frequently changes and are dynamically demanded by consumers.


I. Content information:

1. Daily and weekly promotional items

2. Weekly sales information of grocery items, Job opening, and gasoline prices

3. New or regular items

4. Bankruptcy or out-of-business items

Information on item 3 and 4 do not change in real time but as we eventually progress our application would be able to handle both dynamic and static information for businesses.


II. Software:

1. UI for Email and/or SMS application software running on mobile phones, tablets, PC, Smart TV

2. Interface software between mail servers and data servers

3. UI software for retail businesses

4. AI based contents search software

5. Content information management and maintenance software

6. Others


III. Hardware - low cost (under $50, ~5 inch screen size) tablet for feature phone users


Input screen specifications

For consumers, the UI has the same input screen as the Google input screen.

For businesses, the UI input screen has separate input fields where ads are uploaded accordingly.


Output screen specification

Search results are shown in grid or in text format depending on phone models or types. Items with store names are listed by nearest physical location of mobile phone and low to high price order.

Since each SMS receives limited characters, several SMS are sent to construct whole content information.



A user can type multiple search criteria words such as product name, description, price or price ranges, and location information (GPS or physical address).


Additional notes

Global phone market now has two different mobile device platforms. Providing search engine software working for both platforms is necessary. Feature phone users (particularly in Africa, India, and other developing countries) can use our service without installing our UI software although it will not going to be user friendly. They may download and install the UI software.


We also have a plan to manufacture very low cost tablets for feature phone users. Using the tablet, feature phone users can access not only items but also searchable local information. The tablet communicates with the feature phone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signal.


Yahoo, Baidu, and other portal can provide local information to us to avoid plowing World Wide Web. We had meetings with the management team, including CTO, of Yahoo Japan and they are willing to supply us with what we need.



Distributing flyers for weekly promotion is becoming less effective in this digital era. Posting sale items on the Internet is labor intensive & not practical. For example, restaurants often provide daily lunch special but Yelp does not post such information. Consumers prefer digital coupons & ads but targeting the right customers in real time is not easy because stores do not have very simple ways to connect with their customer directory.


Target Market and Market Size


Searching global market information in particular: retail stores, auto industry, restaurant industry, delivery industry, crowd control markets, appointment service, emergency hospitals, and parking information

Our market size is over $2.3T.



Online and offline retail stores

Sales/Marketing Strategy

We provide Consignment Ad Program, which businesses pay ads fee when products are sold. Businesses can instantly upload promotional ads using cell phones, which can be searched by shopper’s cell phones. Businesses instruct shoppers to use our service, which increase sales & improve customer relationship. UMASC pays free cash to shoppers when they buy. Search words such as product name, description, price range & area can be used to search.

Business Model

Our infrastructure can provide real time cost effective advertising and real time inventory search method as a global single source for global phone users w/ or w/o accessing the Internet. Our low cost (<$50) iPhone size tablet enables feature phone users access not only items but also searchable local information.


Online competitors: Groupon, Yelp, Amazon Fresh service,, NetPlenish, eBay Classifieds, and Craigslist are well known. Offline competitors: local coupon printing companies Our business is similar to Groupon and local coupon companies except we offer real time coupon search and real time promotional ads method so that businesses and customers can be reached each other instantly.

Competitive Advantage

International and US patents are pending.


Toshio Hayakawa (co-founder), CEO: Over 40 years of experiences in business, hardware and software design.

Yong Fu (co-founder), CTO: Over 20 years of experiences in writing software and mobile applications

Jenny Tsai (co-founder), VP Marketing/Finance: former owner of three Jenny Tsai restaurant stores

Charles Xiang, Manager of Operation: Worked over 20 years in the city of Guangzhou in China

Lilly Wong, Manager of Communication: Worked over 10 years in the city of Guangzhou in China

Annie Wu, Manager of Product Development: Over 10 years of experiences in working for China mobile telecom

James Yang, Consultant: Working for the central Chinese Government and managing several state owned telecommunication companies in China

Stephen Liu, Consultant: Worked for the central Chinese Government


  • Toshio Hayakawa
    Toshio Hayakawa | Team member
    I like to invent to improve our living standard.
Business model


Based on the assumption that 30% of the population 35M in Guangzhou and Shenzhen access our service, the revenue of US$1M to US$5M in each month is expected by charging 10% of each transaction, which is about US$0.1 to US$0.5 per transaction. 

The first licensing customer: I-Freek Corporation (listed on JASDAQ, stock #3845) begins the initial test in Tokyo. I-Freek and GMS signed an NDA agreement in November of 2011. Estimated annual revenue in Japan is about $41B.

Advertisings are displayed, which is the same as Google business. 

Also, VP of IT department in Hangzhou City invited us to create a smart city. GMS provides our SE to create the smart city at free of charge. In return, The Hangzhou helps us to hook up with Alibaba, other local large corporations, and all citizens of Hangzhou. Alibaba head office is located in Hangzhou City. 

Licensing: UPS, Macy, WallMart, Weibo, etc. 


Total Population

Users, 30%

30% of Total Population/day

10% Average Service Fee/transaction































Competitive advantage

Having partners with major phone carriers and large corporations

International Patent Applied