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Company description

Global Dog is the best way for dog lovers to stay connected while easily locating dog-friendly services based on their location. The app also encourages daily connections with other dog lovers, with dog-related social causes, and with adoption and foster groups. Last, Global Dog provides a marketplace for all of your dog-loving needs while promoting socially responsible products.  

Currently, gathering insights and information for dog lovers is time-consuming and restrictive, requiring multiple online/ app searches and causing extreme frustration. From a social-sharing perspective, Facebook has become unappealing for dog lovers due to irrelevant ads and negative content. Additionally, Instagram only provides image and video content, and hashtag searching is painful in regards to connecting to other dog lovers.  

Global Dog makes it simple and convenient for dog lovers to: 

-Search one app for all of their social-sharing, information-gathering and marketplace needs

  -Find local, up-to-date dog friendly services, ie. restaurants, parks, vets, dog spas, training facilities, adoption agencies, etc

 -Connect with other users daily based on dog breeds, geographical locations and interests/ groups  



Business model

+  Advertising Revenue 
+  Subscription Model for Business Premium Profiles
+ “Freemium” model for Users  (In-App Purchases)


Competitive advantage

Competitors include big players in the dog-loving space such as Bark Happy, Bark Post, Facebook, Instagram, I Heart Dogs, Dogster and Rover.  Weaknesses include:

  •  Dog-centric apps and websites tend to only allow photo and video sharing, connecting to services, or viewing articles and discussions. There is no all-in-one app.
  • Content-focused apps provide limited ways to filter and organize content.
  • Connections to other dog owners is currently focused on petworking (eg:  arranging playdates) rather than human-human interaction 
  • Most dog-centric apps require you to own a dog.