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Company description

Remember the feeling of talking to someone new, realizing that you have a dear friend in common and that you both love that artist only you know about? Glancee helps you discover these hidden connections and meet with people important to you. Explore the profiles of people nearby and be notified when somebody has common friends or mutual interests. Text or call, meet up for a coffee, and stay in touch. Create new, meaningful connections with new people just like you.

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Business model

Facebook connects people that already know each other and let them share thoughts and pictures. Glancee aims at introducing new people that don't already know each other, but love the same artists, products, and more. We believe that conquering the interest graph will be the next big thing, and we built Glancee around this goal.

Competitive advantage

We built a unique recommendation engine that can match and introduce people based on their interests. For example, we will recommend you people who like skiing if you like snowboarding, and fans of Quentin Tarantino if you like Pulp Fiction.