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Company description

Gitoon is a publishing platform that empowers its audience to both contribute creative works and decide what’s good enough to be published, creating a high-quality-only original content resource.








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Business model

There will be two revenue streams: 

  1. Native and Social advertising:  Engage both content contributors and curators to help brands create great native ads. The Gitoon reviewing system would allow us to easily test and predict the most effective ads. 
  2. Content buying and selling: Everything online will be free for users to engage with. However, content creators will be able to sell downloads of their work once it gets published. Since only the best will get published (and those will be available for buying) every publisher will get more attention. 


The distribution strategy is based on three channels and the community-building practices.

Firstly, the natural drive of published authors to share the links to their work in their networks, populated with the similar user types. A social media chain campaign is to be launched, focusing on content-possessing users. 
Secondly, the curators are encouraged to discover and invite new talent. This is stimulated by gamification mechanisms. 
Thirdly we are looking at online-offline partnerships with galleries and other organisations which have large supply of un-digitised content.



Competitive advantage


David and Max met at the LSE 4 years ago. Afterwards David joined Unruly (the leader in Social Video Advertising) as an intrapreneur working on projects ranging from product development to market entry. Max was great with numbers so after his MSc in Applied Mathematics he joined S&P. 

Their skills and competencies cover a whole spectrum of business, so when the idea for Gitoon came along, it just clicked. Naturally, Max is developing the algorithm and analysing the data, while David is focused on business, community and the product.

We believe that the current model of the web failed to achieve the openness and freedom it declared due to excess reliance on subjectivity. An author's online success still depends on his/her social media skills and connectedness as opposed to pure talent. Too many great creatives have fallen off the radar of the influencers and curators. We are set to revolutionise self-publishing by eliminating the connections factor from the equation of success.

Even though Gitoon would be the next step in the evolution of digital media platforms, its current competitors are websites such as BuzzFeed and HuffPost. These, despite their deep social integration are still largely reliant on the in-house editorial teams. This is why they would not be able to achieve the scalability and breadth Gitoon is looking to offer. Gitoon is the first premium quality magazine assembled without editorial engagement. On the other end of the market Gitoon competes with YouTube, Tumblr and the like, but due to tough quality standards and a self-curating system it offers a much higher value-added experience to the user.

As a market-driven product, Gitoon was designed specifically to fill a gap in the existing online content publishing market.

“This looks like something I have never seen or heard of before (which of course is a good thing).”
Jess Tapolcai, Designer

“I have previously been using other platforms to show my work, like tumblr and I am really interested being part of Gitoon. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Chryso Nikolaou, Artist

“The platform looks great, seems like a good way of getting exposure and recognition to and from the right people.”
Alex Beaumont, Filmmaker

And > 1000 Artists, Designers, Filmmakers, Poets, Photographers, Writers, and Musicians already signed up and waiting for the launch.