GitBax manages relationships and makes getting back to people easy and fun. Hotkeys and gaming dynamics are used to motivate people to make strong connections.
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Company description

GitBax is a mobile and web application that makes getting back to people easy...and fun.

Welcome to GitBax.

Personal productivity made easy. Mobile and Web.

What if you could:

  • Add contacts
  • Add notes (w/ hotkeys)
  • Tag contacts (w/ hotkeys)
  • Set a follow-up
  • In one place, in seconds
  • And have FUN doing it!!

Would you be interested?

“Networking and follow-up don’t have to be chores. GitBax motivates people to follow-up by making getting back to people fun,” Jeb Ory, Chief Productivity Officer of GitBax, said.

GitBax scoring system allows individuals, teams, and companies to compete for high scores based on how many people they meet and get back to in a timely fashion.

From Tech Cocktail: "GitBax seems like a great tool to help cultivate new relationships as well as take existing ones to the next level." March 31, 2011

Business model

Freemium/ Software as a Service

Because we benefit from network effects, the basic mobile application will be free. Heavier users who want the ability to build teams and issue challenges--or who want access to aggregated data on follow-up response time, ratios, etc--will pay a modest monthly fee.

Some initial targets include:

  • Retail Mass Merchant (to be used at the store level)
  • Small and medium businesses
  • Pharma
Competitive advantage

GitBax is easy to use. Very easy. It will provide more value to the user than any other networking or contact management/ personal relationship management app in the marketplace. GitBax makes getting back to people easy... and fun!

The healthy, positive competition facilated by GitBax creates excitement around everyday functions of someone's job, helping bring tangible and effective game mechanics to customer and client relationship management.

We also view the brand, Jojo the alligator, as a competitve asset. The branding and sass Jojo's provides will help us gamify "getting back" to people in an effective, constructive, and fun method.