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Ladies, Make Female Friends... for Free!
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Company description

Girlfriend Social is an online social utility that bridges the gap between social media and real life for women. It allows women of all backgrounds to attend fun social events and develop female friendships


Girlfriend Social also allows companies and organizations to advertise products and services to these women and get real feedback on their company.

Business model

Girlfriend Social is a networking site that is designed for women to socially meet new girl friends. Its objective is to bridge the gap between social media and real life, and cover a need that is mostly unattended in the current social scene.

  There are networking sites that let people meet just anybody – sites that let people date each other, sites for business purposes… but this one aims for a niche that is still unoccupied - Friendship.

The social formula is one we are all familiar with. Users can create an account, start connecting among themselves and eventually bring these online interactions offscreen via fun local events posted by local event reps.

It is easy for people to lose track of their friends, and as far as women are concerned events like becoming a mother, getting divorced or moving to a new city can make the process of finding like-minded women to connect with a difficult one. That is the reason this social site was started, and it caters for women in all stages of life. Single, married, divorced… it makes no difference. Women of all ages and backgrounds can interact on the site, and find a new source of joy and friendship in their lives.

Competitive advantage

The site has been expertly designed with a fresh clean layout, and advanced features including friendship matching systems, chat rooms, discussion areas and the key feature - Local Events.


Best of all, these services are provided for no cost to the user. Social media is not something people are custom to paying for and Girlfriend Social sticks to this model. 


Certain real life events will have a cost to them of course (like dinner or tickets to a movie) but all features of the website are free to use.