GigaTribe = the future of file-sharing!
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Company description
Unlike other services, GigaTribe is unique! It's encrypted file-sharing between friends, family and people you know, so you're no longer download files from unknown, possibly harmful sources. Huge files and even entire folders can easily be exchanged. 100% safe, and easy to use. As of 5/30/07 we have over 440,000+ registered users and that number is growing FAST! We are huge in Europe and hope to grow quickly in the US... See for more info or contact
Business model
We sell Premium versions of our free software!
Competitive advantage
All exchanges are encrypted. You grant access to specific folders on your computer to others that YOU choose (friends, family, co-workers, business collaborators, etc...). Easy to use and attractive interface. Our product is extremely viral as well; we've taken over France, and are working on growing our userbase in the rest of Europe as well as US/Australia. We've tried competing products, they're either too complicated to use or slow!