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Company description

GetAFive is video-base course review for high school students taking Advanced Placement courses.

We offer about a dozen hours of video-based review, practice quizzes, and full length practice exams.

The core product is free for teachers and students, and we fill a void by offering a robust tool geared to our most promising students. 

We will disrupt the $4B enrollment marketing space, by offering colleges and univerisites the chance to interact directly with students that they want to talk to. 

GetAFive preserves the best of both the Ed Tech and Lead Gen business models while simultaneously removing much of the friction.

We launched in March 2013 with incredibly impressive results.

Awards and Mentions
Business model

We find the teachers that teach new AP teachers how to teach their course.  We hire them to create our content which we then own. 

We pay teachers a relatively lucrative sum to create about a dozen hours of video review, hundreds of practice questions, and a full length practice exam.  We work with an outside video production house to produce the videos, with a highly scalable process and expense structure.

Students and teachers have access to our core product for free.  Teachers are our main distribution channel, and so far, it's working!  In the spring of 2013, within 8 weeks of launch, we had 15,000 students signed up without spending a dollar in marketing!

We are exploring revenue models, but are most excited about matching students with colleges, and having the colleges pay us a lead gen royalty for each lead.  Currently, not-for-profit colleges pay between $15-50 per lead.

We also believe we can be the hub for high-potential students around the country, enabling us to sell products and services to complement their needs and better propel our future leaders.  High performing students are currently underserved in the ed-tech community.  We fill a massive void for students and teachers alike.

Competitive advantage
  • We are dead simple for teachers to use, those relationships are evergreen, and switching costs are high amongst that community

We tailor our content directly to the AP syllabus for each class put out by the College Board.  We hire the best teachers, and package our product in an incredibly compelling way.  Being free, compelling for students, and dead simple for teachers enables us to grow very rapidly. 

Teachers and students LOVE GetAFive.  In our pilot year (2012-2013) we had 15,000 users and a 97% satisfaction score.  A 99% net promoter score amongst students.

And it works!  Our students performed about 3x better than the national average on the 3 courses we offered last year!

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