GetAccept Inc.

GetAccept Inc.
Reinventing the sales proposal and eSigning workflow
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

We want to help salespeople close more deals by reinventing the proposal and esigning workflow.

As veteran salespeople, we had been banging our heads on the wall being frustrated not knowing what happened to deals we thought we had control of. Unfortunately, too often do the sales reps leave the outcome to fate after sending the proposal. We call that stage the “Valley of death,” during which most proposals are lost without any feedback or second chances.  

We have 30 years combined experience from B2B sales within CRM and Marketing Automation. We have seen many customers struggled with the same challenges.

The fact is that B2B companies on average close 24% of the sent proposals, and 6 out of 10 deals go silent, leaving the salespeople frustrated. 

With GetAccept we want to give the control back to the sales rep.

Look at our Y Combinator pitch here:

Our pitch of the product here:


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  • Business model

    We have 3 different users level. Solo is the freemium one with allow you to send limited document per month with limited functionality. 

    We have our PRO subscription and charge $45 per users per month. They get full functionality with a lot of value. 

    For our Enterprise we have a solution that is customized in pricing for bigger organizations.

    Competitive advantage

    To get your documents eSigned and securly stored is important. And so are also the availability of document tracking and analytics.

    But it is first when you combine tracking with sales intelligence it really makes the difference to automatically predict and push the deal forward to get it eSigned. That’s why our customers close 83% more deals than industry average.

    With our livechat our customers and the recipients can negotiate and discuss the terms or questions to get the deals easy signed and we can also connected them with the phone with our unique feature, Connected Call.

    To be able to market reference case to the decision makers and influencers they can start specific retargeting campaigns to only the persons added to the sales document. Cost effecient and the message can be targeted since we know they are in the status between the sales proposal and signed deal.

    By adding our video introduction our customers have 41% higher hit rate compared to the ones who skip that part. It makes the sales proposal being both personal and stick out from the crowd. Early in the process many of our customers also use it to present their solution.