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GESTALT Robotics
Intelligence for Service Automation
Berlin, Germany Germany
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Company description

GESTALT Robotics is a cutting-edge robotics innovation hub and solution provider with focus on cognition, interaction and perception. The interdisciplinary core team is tackling automation problems from intuitive user interfaces to tailored service robotics hardware based on extensive knowledge in the fields of robotics, computer vision and human factors.

Current venture-building activities include an Augmented Reality simulation for industrial robotics, the design of delivery robot hardware and an online-store for tailored service robotics solutions.











Business model

Our core team is working on project-based activities, what is focused mainly on software development and computer vision, for service and industrial robotics. This kind of business started quite well for us from the beginning and also includes consulting and automation conception.

In parallel, we just started incubating novel projects, e.g AR-Simulation, in an innovation hub approach with the objectives to spin-off the topics and go to market either alone via a new company and VC or together with partner companies from different vertical markets.
These novel topics could come out of regular project work, research background or business opportunities. Some of these side-topics already have proof of concept status.

Competitive advantage


We create robotic solutions covering software and hardware putting an emphasis on the perceptual intelligence. In combination of a computer vision and modular hardware concept, GESTALT Robotics is able to provide more intelligent robot solutions regarding environmental analysis premised on a highly-scalable base. Since research institutes are focused on basic research and information oriented companies such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft are more focused on information acquisition than on robotic solutions, GESTALT Robotics is focusing on specialized, privacy-aware, close-to-market product development together with partners in different industries. This enables GESTALT Robotics to offer and reuse cutting-edge technology solutions on specific markets and to minimize the development cost.