Metamorphic Ventures, LLC

Metamorphic Ventures, LLC
Digital Media & Financial Technologies
Angel group or VC
New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

Metamorphic Ventures is a New York City based venture capital fund that invests in start-up and early stage businesses exclusively in digital media and transaction processing technology sectors.

Metamorphic Ventures believes that vast new waves of innovation and business opportunity are on their way leveraging the build out of the fixed and mobile broadband network. In fact, many are already here. Metamorphic funds those early stage businesses in the digital media and transaction processing technology sectors. While it may appear that these are two distinct sectors, it is our view that they are in fact in the process of converging and that Metamorphic Ventures is one of a few venture firms with the expertise in both domains. The partners of Metamorphic Ventures seek to be great partners to those entrepreneurs pursuing the development of new and innovative businesses in these sectors.

The partners of Metamorphic are experienced entrepreneurs and business builders and have all gone through the emotional ups and downs of building start -up companies while bringing deep understanding and contacts within our sectors of focus. We assist our entrepreneurs in many aspects of the venture needs from the founding stage onward, building their company to become profitable while realizing excellent growth potential.

Previous investments



Chango is a Demand Side Platform that enables search marketers to effortlessly extend existing SEM campaigns to the huge display inventory of real-time exchanges. Chango's technology allows search marketers to effectively achieve search ROI at much lower display pricing.



MyLikes is a social word of mouth platform connecting advertisers with influencers. MyLikes enables word of mouth advertising campaigns on social networks such as Twitter.



Tynt's technology allows publishers to track all the copy and paste activity occurring on their site allowing greater monetization and fine tuning of editorial content. Tynt's technology allows publishers to participate in search revenues and monitor traffic more effectively.


Offer IQ

Offer IQ is a mobile coupon and incentive platform for retailers, manufacturers and credit card issuers. Offer IQ enables retailers and card issuers to offer mobile incentives without any change to the POS system or employee training. is the leading SaaS provider of studio-class video encoding services. relieves web publishers of the expensive and complicated task of encoding videos for view across all platforms.


Turiya Media

Turiya Media provides predictive analytics to the social gaming industry. Turiya's technology platform allows game publishers and marketers to better understand player profiles and enhance monetization.



isocket provides publishers a platform for managing their display advertising on a commission free basis. isocket's platform enables publishers' sales forces to focus on sales by automating the purchase and provisioning process.



FetchBack provides retargeting services for online advertisers. FetchBack helps retailers convert consumers who previously demonstrated purchase interest into actual customers leveraging a patent pending technology combined with robust analytics.



Transactis is a leading provider of EBPP solutions, including BillMAil, the patent-pending secure e-mail billing platform, and BillerExpress, a suite of EBPP solutions sold by banks to small and mid-size treasury clients. Transactis enables banks to offer a one click e-billing and e-payment solution to billers of all types.


Madison Logic

Madison Logic is the only dynamic ad serving and lead generation platform for premium advertisers, agencies and publishers. Madison Logic's ad server enables publishers to create and manage lead generation ad campaigns.


Good Health Media

Good Health Media, Inc., is the fastest growing health ad network and delivers niche health audiences across top sites for pharma and health focused brands. Good Health Media enables health related advertisers to reach targeted audiences based on each particular health condition of interest.



ORCA is an open payment and customer loyalty platform for e-commerce merchants. ORCA enables e-commerce merchants to greatly enhance customer sales through the implementation of loyalty, gift card and private label payment programs while also reducing the cost of payment processing.



Recognia, Inc., provides chart pattern recognition and price forecasting services for financial portals, brokerages and information service providers. Recognia's products enable electronic stock trading firms to add more value and differentiate themselves with their high volume clients.



FastAsset, Inc., provides asset recovery and reverse logistics, focused on the computer and consumer electronics industries. FastAsset's technology platform enables retailers and their suppliers to facilitate returns, refurbishments, and recycling.



Brightgeist Media

Brightgeist Media has created a small platform where consumers connect to the right service and professionals throughout a lifecycle of decisions. Brightgeist continually enhances its properties to better educate consumers, and thus improve the quality of the math between consumers and providers. Brightgeist enables service professionals to reach consumers cost effectively at the moment they are searching for such services.



Finpago, Inc., provides healthcare transaction processing services automating claims identification and substantiation from the point of scale to the administrator. Finpago enables independent drug stores to accept Flexible Spending Cards without new hardware while automating the claims process for consumers.