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Company description is the leading provider of sales lead management and demand generation solutions that enable both marketing and sales users to quickly identify and connect with their best prospects, without IT. is a Sales 2.0 leader with over 500 corporate customers who use Genius solutions to automate email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns that deliver the most qualified leads directly to their frontline sales reps, so they can immediately follow-up on their best opportunities.

With Genius ProTM, Marketers can initiate powerful email marketing campaigns that deliver instant email open and website visit results directly to Sales, so Sales can quickly prioritize lead follow-up, calling on the most interested prospects first. Genius Pro lets Marketers use sophisticated personalization, including the ability to send on behalf of individual sales reps and post customized greetings on the website. Instant replays of website visits give frontline professionals insight into prospect interest so they can formulate the appropriate pitch for each prospect. Detailed reports let both sales and marketing easily evaluate success. 

Genius EnterpriseTM is a full marketing automation solution that adds automated lead nurturing, real-time lead conversions, and lead scoring to Genius Pro's email marketing and lead management capabilities. The simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for marketers to set up powerful lead capture, prospect nurturing and lead scoring workflows to ensure a steady flow of communications to potential customers over time, until those prospects demonstrate readiness to engage with Sales.

Genius Enterprise is unique in enabling users to identify qualifying "conversion events", such as trial sign-ups or visits to a specific web page, that signal strong prospect interest. With Genius Enterprise, no matter what the state of any automated workflow, when a prospect "conversion event" occurs, Sales is immediately alerted and given access to the prospect's website visit history so they can follow up with the right prospects at the right time and with the right information.

Business model

 100% SaaS-based solution paid by yearly subscription

Competitive advantage

Most B2B companies have made significant investments in their corporate web sites, but, until now, there's been no direct return on investment for Sales. Prospects signal their interest when they visit the website, but there has been no way to know how long they're spending on the site and what pages they're visiting.

Genius provides real-time lead management to ensure that leads in the pipeline are being handled by the right sales and/or marketing team member at the right time -- resulting in better customer service, higher revenue and more productive marketing efforts. This enables Sales and Marketing to collaborate effectively, identify opportunities, quickly pinpoint their current interests, and instantly alert the best sales team member to build the prospect relationship.

  • Know instantly who's most interested in what you're selling
  • Better understand specific prospect/customer needs
  • Increase e-mail campaign conversion rates
  • Improve close rates
  • Reduce sales cycle time
  • Optimize sales productivity