DNA customized nutrition
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Company description

Thanks to the Human Genome Project and our ever-growing understanding of the link between genetics, nutrition and wellness, we no longer have to settle for an off-the-shelf solution to healthy aging. We now have an answer as unique to each of us as our own DNA. An answer that connects the latest in biotechnology and genetic testing to customblended nutrition and skin care. That’s what we do – we link DNA knowledge to healthy aging solutions – and we’re on a mission to give this age-proofing advantage to everyone we meet.We’re happy to meet you through this magazine and we look forward to helping you get a look into your genetic predispositions.

We believe assessing is better than guessing especially when it comes to supporting your heart, bones, breast tissue, lung tissue, cognitive, and joint health as well as supporting your ability to detoxify pollutants and limit collagen breakdown and photo-aging.  Knowing is step one. Doing something about what you learn is the step that will make the difference. That’s where our customized manufacturing comes to play. NSF certified ingredients which help mitigate or compensate for your predispositions are custom-blended to create your individualized formula for nutritional supplements and skin repair serum.  If you can see into your aging future by using something as simple as a 5-minute cheek swab, why not? Breakthrough technology and the latest in nutrition and skin care are now only a website away.

Business model

We work in the direct sales arena, and have independent sales representatives all over the United States.