Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States United States
Founded in: 2018
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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St. Louis, Missouri, United States United States
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Generopolis has created a modern way to practice generosity for our next generation of givers. It is an online marketplace where charity patrons deploy their talents and resources through buying, selling, sharing and syndicating “for sale” listings, each of which benefits a nonprofit of the seller’s choice. It is the world’s only online community where every single action within the platform grows share of heart and share of wallet for nonprofits. Individual and business sellers may offer everything from “Garage cleanout sale: Used jogging stroller,” to “Certified financial planner consulting session,” to "Spa manicure" and beyond. Since the Generopolis marketplace offers a wide variety of lifestyle staples, entertainment, personal services and business offerings, buyers benefit from the option of using a broader cross-section of their personal budgets to support nonprofits they love. Generopolis provides an on-trend answer to the most pressing problem nonprofits face: the charitable giving crisis in America. While charitable giving has not topped two percent of U.S. GDP for the past 50 years, the future is even more troubling: 1) The new U.S. tax code has nonprofits fearing a drastic decline in cash contributions, as a higher standard deduction may mean millions of Americans will no longer seek itemized deductions for their nonprofit donations. 2) Millennials are the first generation in our nation’s history to go backwards in terms of income. They are earning about 20 percent less than their boomer parents on an inflation-controlled basis. Generopolis combines volunteerism, social activism, and fundraising in a deeply relevant, high-tech way that empowers our most socially conscious - yet cash-constrained - generation to make a difference.