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San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Gelareh Designs is a high end fashion brand motivated to provide people with luxury timeless pieces evoking pure artistic sentiment.

Our brand is Impeccable.  It is dark & edgy, powerful, provocative, & brilliant.

Our exclusive atelier-boutique propose a limited edition of meticulously handcrafted statement pieces that unleash the most empowered potential of your unique style.  

Our craftsmen and tailors are painstakingly chosen for their skill, their creativity, and their quality.  Each piece is made individually by a single artisan, everywhere we craft our pieces.

Providing fashion that is alternative, different/deviant, yet elegant, refine & impeccable, Gelareh is synonymous with attention to detail, aesthetically balanced embellishments on graphic modern forms; high end luxury fashion for the women and men who wish to express their own unique style with confidence and strength.




DISCOVER GELAREH from Loren Earle-Cruickshanks on Vimeo.

Direction/Camera/Editing: Kristina Noa
Model: Victoria Zhuzha
Fashion: Gelareh Designs
Hair/Makeup: Tara Dawling






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