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Emerging Technologies, Consulting, Professional Services
Dubai, United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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Company description

GLOBAL DIGITAL ASSETS CORPORATION (GDAC) works with high growth economies and regions to enable innovation, boost economies and create new jobs. We help regulators and public sectors to experiment with emerging technologies and develop cross-industry technology use cases and execution plans. 


We collaborate with leaders across different sectors to leverage innovative business models, technologies, partnerships and approaches, to improve social outcomes, exploit new business models and eliminate inefficiencies for cities and nations.


‚ÄčAt GDAC, we understand that risk is a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk more effectively, organisations can unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for all of their stakeholders.


‚ÄčOpen innovation to solve large scale problems.

Experimenting with disruptive technologies to bring open innovation to the public sector.


Creating new economic opportunities.

Working with regulators and public sectors to experiment with emerging technologies and their native use cases and building ecosystems. 


Embracing the future.

Our passion is to be at the centre of all of the new endeavours, be part of influencing a positive outcome and helping to open doors to new opportunities and new challenges.

Business model

Combining emerging technology projects with high growth potential industries to bring progressive development, competitive advantage, future hedging and strong cross sector alignment. We believe in open innovation, creating new economic opportunities and embracing the future.  


What we do: 

  • Service design & government service optimisation
  • Foresight Consulting 
  • Large scale use case & ecosystem development
  • Compliance and regulatory framework development
  • Innovation in the public and private sector
  • Risk advisory (Operational, strategic & reputational risks)
  • Open innovation infrastructure development
  • Enterprise Technology Evaluation and Industry Insights
  • Smart Contracts and security audit
  • Tech compliance and product testing
  • Blockchain native governance & token model development
  • System architecture design
  • Foresight scenario development 
Competitive advantage

Market Opportunity: 

  • Emerging technology use case and ecosystem development in public sector
  • Enterprise Technology Evaluation 
  • Digital economy
  • Machine-2-Machine economy