The easiest way to discover and discuss places with friends.
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Company description

Gather is the easiest way to discover and discuss places with friends.

Working closely with users we've learned that finding great places is especially difficult for people while traveling, organizing group outings, and planning special occasions. This is because all three scenarios depend heavily on two things that are either absent or poorly executed within current local discovery products; the inclusion (communication) and opinion (word-of-mouth) of close friends. Gather solves this problem by easily enabling users to share places and chat with friends within the context of a specific trip, group outing, or special occasion.

Gather is a mobile app (iOS & Android) that allows users to quickly create “gatherings” by specifying a topic and selecting which friends (Gather & non-Gather users) to include. Within each gathering a user can easily share and discuss places via map and group chat functionality.

Business model

Option 1) Ability for businesses/brands to interact within gatherings they are discussed

Option 2) Sponsored business placement when a user is looking for a place to add to a gathering

Option 3) Anonymous user data


Competitive advantage

First to market with an app of this kind, and a team with the experience required to build/scale the product, sales, and technology required for success.