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Gatecoin is a regulated bitcoin and ether exchange serving traders worldwide. Supported by unique banking partnerships in Europe and Hong Kong, Gatecoin also offers APIs for merchants, payment processors and remitters to use bitcoin’s blockchain technology to enable cheaper and faster service.

The exchange is focused on security, reliability and product innovation. Security:

Users' digital assets are kept on cold storage with multisig wallets to ensure maximum protection. The exchange runs a secure platform with database encryption and an isolated back-end.

Reliability: Gatecoin's core team combines 30 years of Investment Banking, IT Development, and Strategy Consulting experience. The team built their own proprietary trading engine that has low latency, low jitters in any market condition. The exchange system is designed by trading professionals. It is decentralized and modular; and thus, scalable and reliable.

Product Innovation: Gatecoin's unique banking partnerships enables them to offer transparent, segregated client bank accounts in more than 40 countries to ensure users' cash deposits are protected. This also allows the exchange to provide cost-efficient transfers.

Gatecoin was named Hong Kong’s 20 Hottest Startups in 2015, winner of Talent Unleashed’s Best Startup 2014, and a semi-finalist in the InnoTribe Startup Challenge 2015.




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