Location: 86-90 Paul Street, London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
Founded in: 2013
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Typical local food, for everybody
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Company description

Gastromama connects travelers wishful to experience the authentic local cuisine with residents passionate about baking who are willing to cook for them and to host them at home, fostering the contact between travelers and locals who adopt the same diet.



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Business model

We monetize by applying commissions on each dinner sold through the marketplace, fostering in particular the contac between those travelers and those residents who adopt the same diet (gluten fee, for example).

Competitive advantage

1. We solve a specific need that reflects a bigger market.

Restaurants offering gluten-free cuisine are always crowded, but just a little part of customers is coeliac

2. We have direct experience and competences within this need.

Gastromama's CEO is passionate about cooking and he discovered to be coeliac some time ago. He is a frequent traveler because of the dual residence in Europe and Brazil. We know what we're talking about.