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Gadingo is the internet's first online ticket exchange service. Gadingo providers ticket holders of entertainment events an alternative to the current secondary ticket market. Ethical issues, inflated prices, and fraudulent activity surround the online secondary ticket market, yet it still remains a $10 billion dollar industry and continues to rapidly grow. takes a completely alternative approach to any service currently existing. We will revolutionize the industry by providing the first online ticket barter system that guarantees all trades through an innovative escrow system. Gadingo invites users to upload their current existing ticket to ANY entertainment event in the search for an even exchange for another date, event, seat location, artist, or genre. Search results provide the user with any potential trade possibilities based on other users parameters. Once a trade is established each party receives an email confirmation with the proper shipping labels. Simply place your tickets in an envelope, apply the necessary shipping label contained in the email, and drop in your mailbox. Both sets of tickets are then mailed directly to Gadingo to verify the trade terms and forward tickets to the end user. Its that simple.


Imagine this common scenario: You have 4 tickets to see the Cowboys next week, yet your two buddies have backed out of the plan. Now your left with 2 tickets that could possibly go to waste. Why not see an additional Cowboy game in the future. Simply use Gadingo and exchange with a user who might find next weekends game more convenient then next months. Also Gadingo's algorithm's allow for multiple way trades in which it can find a mutually beneficial trade scenario amongst multiple parties and connect them all.

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