GadgetTrak Inc.

GadgetTrak Inc.
Anti-Theft & Data Protection For Mobile Devices
Portland, Oregon, United States United States
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Company description

If your laptop, mobile phone or removable media device is stolen, GadgetTrak® software will tell you where it is, who has it and in some cases even what they're wearing.


Based in Portland, Oregon, GadgetTrak Inc. is the leading innovator of theft recovery and data protection solutions for mobile devices. GadgetTrak's innovative and patented solutions protect today's most popular mobile platforms including Mac OS X, Windows, Blackberry,Windows Mobile as well as custom embedded solutions. GadgetTrak notonly provides the technology to recover and protect data on thesedevices, but also recovery assistance.


GadgetTrak has three core products:


GadgetTrak®  Laptop Security utilizes advanced wi-fi positioning to provide the device owner with the precise location of their device within 10-20 meters of accuracy without the need for GPS. In addition if the system has a web camera integrated, it will capture a photo of the thief every 30 minutes. The software currently supports both Mac   and Windows.


GadgetTrak® Mobile Security provides the most advanced data protection and theft recovery solutions for smart phones, enabling control of your device and data in the event of theft. The software allows the device owner to send remote commands via SMS to wipe data from the device, track it, make it call another number so you can listen in on thief, back data up and other features. The software currently supports Blackberry and Windows Mobile.


GadgetTrak's USBTrak is tracking technology for portable media devices including flash drives, external hard drives and other devices with a memory partition. When a device with the software is accessed it will trigger it to hijack the computer it is connected to and send data to the device owner.


GadgetTrak's Lost & Found Tags -  Our lost and found service consists of metalic highly durable tags that can be placed on items and registered through the GadgetTrak website. The tags are sold online as well as bundled with our software or part of customer loyalty plans in key resellers. 


Business model

GadgetTrak sells it software primarily as a subscription model, offering annual subscriptions to consumers through both online and retail channels. This year GadgetTrak will be adding new products targetted specifically to the SMB market that will be sold on a monthly subscription SaaS model. 

Competitive advantage

GadgetTrak has one patent issued( US Patent #7,496,201)  and two others pending. Since launch GadgetTrak has received a great deal of press regarding our innovative solutions including Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, as well as top tech news sites and blogs.


Over the past year GadgetTrak has established distribution of shrink wrapped editions of its software through specialty Apple retail stores and college/university bookstores across the U.S. and Canada. In addition GadgetTrak has signed OEM and bundling deals with Seagate, Packard Bell and FLIR to embed our software into their high-end thermal imaging camera, with similar deals in progress.


GadgetTrak has  won several awards this year including "Cool Product of the Year" at the Oregon Technology Awards, as well as a "WebVisionary" award a the Web Visions conferance.


Since launch of our new laptop software we have had several high profile recoveries featured in the press, including Wired, Gizmodo and others: