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G-Tech has developed a wireless wearable "EKG for the gut" that measures the motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract - which controls GI motility.  Most digestive problems like IBS or IBD are primarily or strongly related to poor motility, but there are very few ways at present to measure it, and none do the job comprehensively or precisely.  G-Tech is developing a new science around use of 24/7 monitoring of motor activity over multiple days. We're currently running three clinical trials (with Stanford, El Camino Hospital and the Parkinson's Institute) and several more are in planning stages (Stanford, Harvard, U Penn), covering general functional GI problems, gastroparesis, GERD, and post-operative recovery. We will have three scientific poster presentations at the upcoming Digestive Disease Week conference and a podium presentation at a surgical conference in March.

Once we and our clinical partners have shown that there is clinical value in the information we collect, there will be a major impact on how patients with digestive problems are treated.  Instead of routinely being subjected to colonoscopies and CT scans, patients at low risk will wear patches for 3 days, we will collect functional information about the performance of their stomach, small intestine and colon, and provide a report to their physician.  This will lower costs and shorten the time to effective treatment.  Think about it for half a second - would you rather wear non-invcasive wireless patches that send their data to your phone, or have a colonoscopy?