Location: Palo Alto, California, United States United States
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 6-15
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Empowering creative women through the fusion of art and culture
Palo Alto, California, United States United States
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Company description

Fuzia ( is an endeavour in the global-village to
create an equal, user-friendly and healthy space for women that
nurtures and empowers their creativity, and encourages them to
express and share their work.
It is a social media platform with users of all ages, backgrounds
and ethnicities utilising it actively. We try to help women connect
with each other, learn from mutual exchange of knowledge and
grow their skills through constant support from their fellow
Fuzia was founded in 2012 by Riya Sinha, an enthusiastic young
high school student and the author of Runaway Twins. What
started as “Fuzia Writing Club” has now become a global platform
helping girls pursue their dreams. The co-founder of Fuzia is
Shraddha Varma, a confident and motivated leader who inspires
the team to work with dedication and fervour.
Fuzia team comprises of passionate women working relentlessly
with one aim in mind, empowerment of women. Core team
members include Riya Kumar from Mumbai, India, Ria Singhal
from New Delhi, India and Sakshi Shrivastava from Bhopal, India.
With one shared dream in mind, Fuzia team is working day and
night to bring equality in the world by giving women a platform
where their voices will be heard.

Our Mission:
Our aim is to make the web-experience for women free of online abuse and harassment. We are building our platform with a goal
of Social Entrepreneurship to give each woman an opportunity to be financially empowered.
Fuzia is home to hundreds and hundreds of artists, designers,
writers, photographers, YouTubers, who before joining Fuzia were
not receiving the encouragement they deserved. We try to give
these women a platform that’ll help amplify their voices so their
thoughts reach wider audience on a global scale. We offer a safe
virtual space to the budding talent and we showcase their work.
We aim at creating a virtual talent pool of girls and women to
inspire each other and improve their learning curve. Fuzia would
help girls to put forth not only their academic achievements but
also their creativity. It will reflect their thoughts and key insights
like empathy, coordination, penmanship and their behaviour with
people around them.
Fuziaites have a platform where they can speak their minds,
explore their own potential and find their true calling.
Fuzia has also provided them with features like Fuzia Counsellor
where they can find advice on myriads of matters whenever they
are in need of it. They will find someone who is willing to listen to
them and understand them, and give them advice regarding
emotional, psychological, academic, personal or any other issues.
One of the many plans we have in our pipeline is to showcase the
work of these girls and women in front of employers to find rich
portfolios of potential employees through the bridge that Fuzia
will create between this demand and supply through features like
Fuzia WorkPlace.

Our Lounge is where ideas meet. It’s like a virtual café where you
can enjoy a warm cup of coffee while learning something new by
social interaction—the only thing different here is that this social
gathering will have millions of women together from all over the
globe at one place sharing ingenious ideas and learning together
while having a memorable time.

Our Vision:
Empower every girl to identify her talent within and instil confidence to showcase it on a global level. Help them stay economically strong by providing them with substantial
online projects matching their skills.

Our Growth:

In 2 years, Fuzia has grown to become a community with more
than 3.5 million followers from all over the globe. Now we are
proud to state that our community has more than 5,000 registered
users from more than 30 countries. They have shared on Fuzia
more than 10,000 creative works.
Lastly, we can recount numerous stories of our girls learning new
things, but it would be better coming directly from them. Here are
some of the feedbacks we have received:

Fuzia (has) become like home for me I learn a lot and share
things without worrying...been throw hard situations and
thanks to some motivational posts I could get over it.
Learnt how to be strong and never give up easily and that
society isn't able to stop me if i'm motivated. And also I made
good friends from different religions and cultures which made
me learn too. I'm proud to be part of Fuzia.
—Hibatallah Najahi, Morocco.

Fuzia of course is very safe. Because it has just ladies/girls on
it. And mainly because this website has a purpose. Nobody
here posts non-sense. I guess this is the unique platform that
Also, Fuzia has a unity which I found nowhere else. We have a
chat area where all Fuzia members can talk and not just with
the friends. That's a great part. Bringing all the artists
— Saumya Joshi, India.

“Fuzia is an amazing site and doing a great job for all of us.
Especially it is good because it has nothing to do with anything
personal, it is just to show our creative talent.
Secondly, it is awesome because we are connected to a lot of
people all around the world and we know their feelings, thinking,
creativity all sitting at one place.”

Business model

Providing freelance opportunities to women.


Competitive advantage

Constructive feedback and encouragement over other social media driven by show off.